Opening our doors in March 2003 Stylesuite has developed into a not to mis shopping experience when visiting Maastricht. For almost ten year owner Michael Merkelbach is trying to provide style, fashion and taste based on it's long experience in the business. At a young age the mission was clear, opening the a shop wich you all know now as Stylesuite. Edgy and contemporary at the same time providing all the needs for openminded and fastforwarding customers wich come from all over the country and far over the borders. After several projects wich included the opening of Stylesuite Homme and Salesuite in 2010, all has come together just were it all started beginning of this year, back to basic one could say.

A new era has started with this decision for Stylesuite as from January 2013 Stylesuite launched it's own online fashion channel where the sincere experience is available 24/7 at the tips of your fingers. 

Let's see where the future brings us. We are ready for it !

Opening our doors in March 2003 Stylesuite caters specifically to the unique style characteristics of their customer: each has its own fashion profile while at the same time a dip into each, results in sound knowledge of the season's spectrum of trends. From the architectural design of the inspiring interior by Wiel Arets to the superb scented area Stylesuite upholds a dedication to creativity, personality and attention to detail as much to the advantage of the product it offers as to the customer buying it.

Promising a fashion education within the regions’ most elegant retail experience; every season sees the best designers in the world collaborate with Stylesuite to create the most talked about fashion exclusives: Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Joseph, Burberry London, Balmain, Carven - the list is endless - it's the first place to buy the key pieces every season as well as a guaranteed introduction to your favourite labels of the future, from Raoul to Filles a Papa.

Online, the Stylesuite experience is as unique and exhilarating as the store: cutting-edge fashion literally at your fingertips with an unprecedented, personalised customer service promise. It's also a good excuse to fill your house with our beautiful shiny delivery boxes as the most stylish storage available. Enjoy the Stylesuite experience.

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